Gas Appliance Servicing

Fixed price boiler servicing

I carry out Boiler/Fire Servicing to all major boiler manufacturers. Prompt, reliable service at all times.
All boilers need to be serviced, by a gas safe safe registered engineer, every 12 months to make sure they run efficiently and to ensure they are not using too much gas.

Also, most manufacturers insist that their boilers are serviced in line with their guidelines to validate their warranties. In addition, many insurance companies make servicing a required part of their terms and conditions.

So it makes good financial sense to have your boiler serviced regularly. 

What is included in our Boiler/Fire Service?

The Boiler Man doesn't just stick a probe in a flue! He does the following:

  • Clean the combustion chamber/burner when necessary, to ensure clean burning and reduce the chance of CARBON MONOXIDE.
  • Check the burner pressures, to ensure your boiler/fire does not burn too much gas - this keeps your gas bills lPlumbing Heating Boiler Repairs Ellesmere Port Nestonower.
  • Check the working pressure, to ensure your boiler's/fire output is at optimum.
  • Check the hot water and central heating thermostats, so the gas bills are lower.
  • Check the fuse rating in the isolation switch to prevent electrical damage to inside electrical components.
  • Checks the condition of your expansion vessel, to prevent your system losing pressure - so you don't have to constantly fill your system, which could lead to corrosion of the radiators.
  • Check for gas leaks, to ensure the gas installation is safe. If necessary gas-rate your appliance. This ensures the appliance is using the CORRECT amount gas per hour as per the manufacturer's settings. If you have NOT had your boiler serviced for years, you could be paying your gas suppler far TOO MUCH. This is especially important with the rising costs of gas bills.

Typical Servicing Costs :

  • Normal gas boiler (heats a hot water cylinder and radiators) - From £55
  • Combi boiler - From £65
  • Back boiler (behind a gas fire) - From £75
  • Gas fire - From £45

Local areas covered - Ellesmere Port, Great Sutton, Little Sutton, Hooton, Willaston, Ness, Neston, Heswall, Irby, Greasby, Caldy, Upton, West Kirby, Hoylake, Moreton, Leasowe, New Brighton, Liscard, Wallasey, Birkenhead, New Ferry, Bebington, Oxton, Bidston, Meols, Bromborough, Eastham, Parkgate Burton, Ledsham Wirral.